петак, 29. август 2014.

The essence of kung fu

In their several thousand years long history Chinese met all possible forms of human suffering. Chinese culture in its essence contains every possible human experience .A product of that enormous experience, an answer to every possible challenge , known and yet undiscovered is a practice of self development called Kung fu.
Kung fu is a word that explains a skill gained through long term practice and experience and this term is not exclusively connected to martial arts .Kung fu is a  constant effort on a path of improvement , work that never stops and never ends , and this is valid for any given human activity .Kung fu is a process of learning , something connected to the present and turned to the future. Past knowledge and skills are finished , formed and shaped categories and cannot be considered as kung fu .Finished , completely learned, finalized, non progressive , static kung fu stops to be…kung fu.      

Not every work can be considered kung fu . Only those activities that bring joy and general progress and improvement of personality and character can be called kung fu. Kung fu starts with a conscious effort to acquire specific skills and knowledge. Through constant effort, personal sacrifice, concentrated hard work, aspiration toward perfection activity is transformed and become effortless , from physical and psychological point of view. Through practice, hard work is transformed in effortless action. Kung fu is not only a physical practice as it is not purely intellectual. Kung fu is happening somewhere in between, although it is difficult to define that 'between' that happens by itself, everyone has a specific, somewhat different feeling when that happens and it is a matter of a personal experience. After a long term practice, physical movement and mental effort get close to one another and the boundaries between them are slowly loosening. Kung fu exist in the undefined area of mind-physical synergy where practitioner achieves more than through pure physical or pure intellectual effort. Kung fu grows and develops between body, mind and spirit until they eventually unite in order to continue to grow together. Then, everything happens spontaneously, there is only awareness of what is happening, but there is no conscious effort. From this point kung fu stops to be something separated from the person, stops to be and activity , stops to be a way of life , it becomes a life its self , involved in every movement , thought , becomes a part of every conscious and unconscious action. Eventually the difference between a person and kung fu ceases to exist , kung fu is an expression of the person and the person becomes representation of kung fu