уторак, 26. август 2014.

Taiwanese Wing Chun

In 2013 ,a friend of mine knowing that I practice Wing Chun , asked me have I ever heard about "Taiwanese" Wing Chun . I said yes , Lo Man Kam's system is often called "Taiwanese" . The friend of mine said that he does not know who Lo Man Kam is ,but his neighbor is practicing "Taiwanese" Wing Chun and he is willing to introduce me with him if I want . I had no interest at the time because I thought it is just one of the many schools opened after the "Yip Man" movies and i soon forget about the whole thing . Couple of weeks later friend told me that he spoke with his neighbor and he would like to meet me. I said ok and next Saturday I went to visit “Taiwanese” wing chun club . Like I said, I was expecting Yip Man’s style but I was wrong . Taiwanese style is really unique and very different from anything I have ever seen before . There are 12 empty hand forms in the style but non of them even remotely look like classical wing chun forms .6 of these 12 forms are short and look a lot like couple of san sik forms from Cheung Bo system linked together , while other 6 are long and require a lot of space to be performed. There is no butterfly knives in the system , instead of that they are using two short steel bars . Besides that there is a wide variety of classical Chinese weapons . There is no Chi Sao of any kind but there are some drills concentrated on developing a right reflexive reaction in the moment of contact . Body structure  looks like White Crane structure but without detailed explanation i cannot be sure  . There are “short” bridge and “long” bridge techniques . Fighting strategies and footwork are almost identical to classical Wing Chun . About history , they trace their origin to Ng Mui , but they claim that style arrived on Taiwan with Koshinga’s war against Portuguese 1660- 1662 . Since that time , style was preserved among anti Ching secret societies . Style is definitely southern , but I would never called it Wing Chun if I didn’t know its name .They are closed group , as I understood , you can join the club only if with an invitation. They also preserve some documents that can support their claims about history .Also a lot of training is concentrated on fights , every Saturday night is "fight night" , of course they are using protective gear , but thy are fighting seriously .

Their Facebook page if anyone is interested to contact them( no one there speak English so you must know mandarin or taiwanese )