среда, 27. август 2014.

Beautiful world of kung fu

Taiwan is a modern place where people live pretty much the same as everywhere else in the modern world of 21st century. People , always in a hurry ,rarely raise their look from smart phones , traffic is always jammed , sidewalks are incredible crowded , school buses full of students trying to break through overcrowded streets …everyone is chasing better  job, more money , material wealth and the prestige that material wealth brings , just like anywhere else on the planet .

Hidden from that modern jungle a parallel world exists . That world , tragically in love with past , without any worries for the future , concentrated to the present , on this moment and on movement , yes movement , because this whole secret world is based on movement .Although residents of this hidden world also use smartphones and wear “jeans” or expensive or less expensive suits, when you know them little better you can see they look totally different from  average person . They look like characters from some old legend about heroes of the past .These people have big, pure heart and they give their entire being to one thing , thing that does not belong to the modern world . In normal world these people are teachers, doctors , judges , bakers, drivers … in this other world they are all equal and all the same.

This world I am talking about is a world of kung fu . There are large number of  different styles and every style is a master piece of human’s body movement based in traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy . Each style is an universe for its self with specific forms , principles , training methods , weapons , philosophy , even poetry .
I have met a lot of kung fu teachers , I have seen a lot , I have worked with many and I am still working with some . What I have learned from all of them is that modesty , respect for others and hard work are foundation of traditional kung fu.I have learned that even if I have 3 lives I will never finish even one style . I have learned that every kung fu style is equally efficient , traditional and original .I have learned a lot and that is nothing compared with what I want to learn. Here at this point lies real true beauty of kung fu , constant learning , discovering new still unexplored aspects of the art , never ending quest for knowledge. Kung fu is a path , a journey that never ends and although I do not know if there is some kind of existence after physical death , if there is I would love to continue my kung fu journey  even then.