уторак, 26. август 2014.

Long Pole

A lot of people today does not understand significance of the long pole training , therefore a lot of them disregard this part of the Wing Chun system . Common misunderstanding is that a long pole is only a weapon and since there is almost zero chance to use that kind of weapon these days many wing chun practitioners just do not pay any attention on this extraordinary training tool .

Long pole is not only a weapon , it is a much more then that . Long pole is extremely sophisticated multipurpose training tool .It is essential for developing proper Wing Chun body structure .Along with that , actually as a part of that ,long pole is a way of developing Fa Jing or the ability to strike with power in a very short range (inch punch). Proper long pole training will, due to its great length and leverage factors, build up tremendous strength in the wrists and forearms . The low horse stance, unique stepping and the unique training method that goes along with stepping in the low stance also trains legs and a waist .

Specific two man drills help practitioner to develop better timing , precision , better control of the incoming energy in chi sao practice and many other significant fighting attributes .

One must keep in mind that there are some advanced parts of the Wing Chun system which can be found only in a long pole training system (same goes for butterfly swords training ) and later these parts are used as a completion of a “empty hands” part of the art . Without long pole training no one can say that he knows a complete Wing Chun system from technical , physical , theoretical and internal energy side .