уторак, 10. октобар 2017.

White Crane tradition - short report

On Saturday, October 7th, like every year in Master Hong school was held a ceremony and performance to honor the founder of Vibrating Crane ( Zong He) style , Fang Shi Pei.  Around 1840 Fang Shi Pei started his White Crane training and spent 10 years with his teacher refining new style of White Crane inspired by natural vibrations of plants and animals which he considered a the most sophisticated way to generate power. He had few students and couple of them came to Taiwan and brought this rare and probably the softest and truly internal style. Today there are several distinct lineages of this art on Taiwan and at least one in Mainland China.
On this day, in Master Hong’s school all people who are practicing or practiced this particular linage, are gathering to honor founder of the style. Master Hong’s Kung Fu brothers who learned the art alongside him as well as several masters who completed the system under master Hong and few current students.
The ceremony started with burning the incense sticks and offerings put to the little altar dedicated to Fang Shi Pei. After that everyone did a performance and demonstrated some parts of the system. After everything was finished , Master Hong gave a little present to all participants.

It is a great honor to be part of this elite group of martial artists and to practice this rare and beautiful style of White Crane .