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Unknown Wing Chun , Chin family art- History

Today we have rare opportunity to be introduced to one completely unknown and technically specific  Wing Chun lineage . It is my honor to present the article written by the last successor of this old , unique Wing Chun style . Sifu John Wrastler being the last and only descendant of this old lineage decided to make his style publically known in fear that style may be lost  . In a series of articles Sifu John Wrastler will introduce his style to general public . First part is about history of the style .

Chin Wing Chun Kuen traces its origin . like many other Wing Chun styles in Southern Shaolin Temple. Li Gin Cheung an officer in the Ming Dynasty, was a very  strong practitioner of Mian Quan also  known as Soft Boxing.  He was also a master of Ng Ying Kuen (5 Shape Fist) system. He and his 2 sons and daughter escaped from Manchu persecution after the fall of Ming Dynasty, and finally ended  in Southern Shaolin Temple. They found refuge in the temple along with several  other military officials  from the Ming Dynasty. They all started to organize and train a new military and resistance movement against  Qing Dynasty. Unfortunately  they ran into a lot of problems and setbacks. At the first place , there was just a small number of  experienced soldiers and officers to effectively get things done.
Also , monks who joined the rebellion , while strong in their Kung fu arts, hadn’t any military experience . The loyal population to the Ming Dynasty could not muster and organize an effective, well trained, and well equipped force to go up against the Qing oppressors. So the long term resistance begins.
Li Gin Cheung according to the traditions passed down to me , was one of the military officers  who participated in the creation of first, original Wing Chun curriculum that was designed to help teach and develop a fighting force that would be ready in a 3rd of the time needed to train the classical form of kung fu , 10 to 15 years training period  was shortened to only 3 -5 years.
Li Gin Cheung and his family did escape the  destruction of Southern Shaolin . They went to underground and created new identities for themselves and positions in the society. As they settled down , they started to work on organization of the resistance. First few years resistance movement was very successful in their effort  to  disrupt Qing government and it's military actions  were very successful . But it did not last long ,   Qing Officials started to adapt to the tactics of the resistance  and rebels .and started to suffer loses in both ,man power and logistics . So ,Li Gin Cheung using his  old military , and ku experience started to reorganize  rebellion structure  and went with small isolated cells of fighters to carry out guerilla fighting hit and run tactics. And change the Wing Chun to not be recognized as such. So he restructured the wing chun by adding  Mian Quan and Ng Ying Kuen to help disguise  Wing Chun and make an even more effective and lethal.
Another issue was loyalty to the cause , different version of the art was  taught the  outside fighters (none family ), and  newer and modified version taught only  to family and those adopted into the family who's loyalty was unquestionable. With each generation and years passing the hallmarks of this system was it's willingness to adept new martial technique and movements that would keep it on the fighting edge . And to this day it has never been taught outside the original family lines and never been documented to the public.
My sifu Wei Bo Chin who was my grandfather's brother ,my uncle who adapted me as his own grandchild under Chinese custom ,since he did not have any children of his own ,since I was 5 years old. Both my grandfather Min Yong Chin and his brother came from mainland China to Taiwan with Chiang Kai-shek. Both my grandfather and his brother came stateside soon after .While my own grandfather went back and forth from the United States and Taiwan ,over the years it was my uncle Wie Bo who took care of me  and taught me   Chin family system of Wing Chun until I was 18 years of age when I was told by my uncle that I had learned the family system and he had taught no one else. After that he returned back to Taiwan where he lived out his remaining years until his own death 3 years ago.

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