недеља, 11. децембар 2016.

Cult like behavior in kung fu

Man created civilization to free himself from the disastrous influence of natural elements . For tens of thousands of years mankind strived toward better , safer life , working hard along way reaching the point we have today . But modern civilization imprisoned the man , mankind became a slave of its long effort to improve the society .
Modern economic foundation of society simply dictates the pace of life in which the human being is transformed into a small piece of huge consumer’s machinery that unscrupulously consumes the available human and natural resources in order to conserve the existing order. Modern man thus becomes a slave because he has no choice but to submit himself to it in order to  provide, as much as possible , normal material existence and normal living standard  for himself and his  loved ones. In other words, each individual becomes voluntary  slave of the   slavish mentality\way of life  which is dictated by global geopolitical and economic interests.
 Indolence, selfishness and  greed are just some of the many symptoms of modern society degradation , which  trivializes humanity, and slowly inverts traditional values and social institutions. In modern society there is no place for empathy , morality ,ethics , in other words , there is no place for traditional values and institutions . Modern living environment is as harsh as it was 10 000 years ago .
 However, the question remains what is a real man inside this civilized prison in which he closed  himself ? Many people are still that , people , decent human beings who need to be more than what they are offered to be . Many feel emotional void which was in past times filled with traditional religion , morality , ethics ,family , belonging to a larger social group. Traditional way of life  , as harsh as it was , fit to fulfill all emotional, spiritual and social needs of a common man , giving him identity and purpose . Modern way of life ripped that apart and left modern man without all these things mentioned above.
Trying to fill the void, but separated from tradition , with ruined traditional instruments and institutions , many  turn to whatever they get and , unfortunately become a victim of their own desire to be better people , to fulfill their basic social, spiritual and emotional needs. Many become  victims of various cults , spiritual leaders , life coaches ect , not being aware that these organizations and people are just a part of consumer’s society and way of life and they are basically pay , like they pay for everything else in their life ,for something they should have already, automatically just by the fact they were born and a members of a society , something they should have inherited from their ancestors.
Many turn to Chinese kung fu . From purely fighting art only 100 years ago , kung fu today became “all I one “ package for fulfilling basic needs of a modern man . Kung fu offers a sense of belonging , members of some kung fu school \ style often call them self brothers , sisters , uncles ect.  That sense of belonging is often supported with distinctive clothing, heraldic , vocabulary . To a practitioner is also offered a sense of pride introduced through “history” and some famous ancestor with often supernatural abilities. A  number of rituals are also included to reinforce sense of pride and belonging . Some in these rituals find a spiritual note  .  There are also elements in various degrees of personality cult , followed with altars and unquestionable worship .This way practitioner identify himself and also get a sense of purpose ( inherit , preserve and spread something important (kung fu style))  As we can see , practitioner can find everything he needs to fulfill his basic needs , he replaces his own history with a history of the style he practices , replaces his own ancestors with kung fu ancestors , build his identity and purpose upon kung fu practice and belonging to a particular style\history \ancestor . Practitioner also fulfills his spiritual needs through various rituals and also religious needs through ancestors worshiping.  Of course this is quite expensive and these quasi religion , quasi family , quasi spirituality costs significant amount of money . Now, it is obvious that many of things described here are almost identical with attributes of religious cults, which is not a coincidence .  Behavior of people involved in kung fu often is identical with people involved in religious cults. There is a total lack of critical thinking , everything that comes from the teacher is unquestionable truth and it is not subject of analysis. The only truth ( original style, teachings , ancestors ) is within a particular style , all others are wrong . Facing the true facts  about their style\history\ancestor , practitioners are not able to accept them and they become aggressive toward the person\source of these information . 
It is important to say that majority of teachers do not insist on these things , they are just teaching for money and practitioners themselves are actually ones who push things in this direction and it is their own fault for such situation . Of course , majority of teachers do not stop this behavior as well , for purely financial purposes .

At the end , it would be good to ask yourself a question , are you a kung fu practitioner or a cult member .