понедељак, 29. фебруар 2016.

Tai Chi master from Tainan -Lee Chang Jen

 Tai Chi is martial art successfully used on battlefield in the past. Today Tai Chi is mostly practiced for health and sport reasons, seldom can be found a person who can even knows, not to mention use the fighting part of the art. One of these people is Mr. Lee Jin Lin(金霖) as know as "Chang-Jen"(章仁).
 I had an honor to practice in his school for a year. He still preserves old version of Chen Tai Chi , now , for the most part , lost everywhere else . He is polite and quiet person, he doesn't talk much but when he does he is giving a "pure gold" . Being practitioner of other martial art I touched hands with him and I can tell he has a real skill. Although I was and still am a beginner in , when I touched hands with his log time students , I actually won 50% of the time ,pretty good having in mind I just started to practice Tai Chi . On the other hand I couldn't even move master Lee .His skill is way , way beyond mine. Master  has graduated from the Chinese Culture Univesity "Zhong Guo Uen Hua Da Xuan"(中國文化大學),in Taipei,Taiwan.He was chosen out of all the university students to represent Taiwan in the United States in 1988. He also taught the Overseas Chinese Youth Language Study Tour to Taiwan and many students during his time at the university. Presently, he is Master of several university clubs of Tai-Ji around Taiwan. 

 I went to Tai Chi because I wanted to learn something soft and relaxed , to be honest, something easy that I can practice in my old age . To my surprise , practice in master Lee's club proved to be harder than anything I tried before . Furthermore , practice include realistic training of fighting techniques . To my surprise a great deal of techniques are similar Japanese Judo , but there is a difference , for some of the techniques , if done correctly it is not possible to fall safely .
 One more thing is important , people in the school are really, really nice , polite , open( which is something hard to see) , ready to help and explain things . Atmosphere on training is relaxed and although practice is hard , it is fun and interesting . Unfortunately , I had to stop my practice because of my working schedule changed but I still practice my forms and I hope in the near future I will go back to school again.