субота, 19. септембар 2015.

New wing chun style on Taiwan

Having luck that late Bruce Lee practiced that particular style , Yip Man's wing chun was for decades , even on the East , considered the only wing chun style and it certainly has the most followers everywhere . The truth about other styles , even the fact that they exist was not known outside Hong Kong and Foshan, and often deliberately hidden by follower of Yip Man and his style . On Taiwan for decades only Yip Man's style was practiced and  there was no other choice . Not that I have anything against Yip Man or his style , it is  good , efficient martial style , I practiced it my self for years , but it is always good to have a choice , the opportunity to try and find an art which is best fit for someone . Now , situation is changed and a lot of information about different wing chun styles surfaced out. Fortunately , Yip Man's style is not the only style available on Taiwan . I am practicing Snake Crane Wing Chun , a style kept among Law family members since the day when the art was created among Red Boat opera members . Historically speaking it is the oldest known style which was preserved over time in its original form. It is a window in the past still in its original form as it was in 1850's  . I fell in love with the style immediately and now I spending all my free time practicing it . I will post couple of video clips to show what am I doing and how , and soon the book about techniques and theory of this specific style , written by my teacher , Sifu Wayne Yung will be available .