петак, 08. мај 2015.

Singapore Wing Chun - story about a friend

I was thinking for a long time how to start this story . Usually , I have no problems to write something but this is completely different kind of story. I have wrote about history, people , my teachers different arts and all other subjects , but never about a friend .To make things worst a friend opened a school and I don’t want to make this into advertising. No matter what, I will put some things together and see what will come out of that.
 John Mark Ng, Singapore native , is very unusual person, even more if we consider he is a martial artist, and even more than that, considering he is practicing Wing Chun. A quiet and modest man who holds truth above everything else, which makes him a rare gem in Wing Chun world. He still believes and lives up to traditional moral values and that is extremely rare in modern world where other values replaced traditional ones.

                                          John Mark Ng

He practices martial arts for a very long time. His first art was  Muay Thai .He went to Thailand for some time and there he continued his TRhai Boxing practice .Later he started to practice Wing Chun. In 2012 he was introduced to Snake Crane Wing Chun and since that time he focused completely on practicing that particular style. He is completely dedicated to Snake Crane Wing Chun and he spends all available time on training. His level of devotion is amazing and his love to his art has no limits. 
As he says, he found in Snake Crane Wing Chun what he was searching all of his life , a complete style which allows his to get connection with a past , with great ancestors of the art and old traditions . On the other hand the style is practical and combat efficient , simple and easy to learn, yet leaves a lot of areas for constant improvement. There is also internal part of the art which allows people to practice it even in their advanced age . 
Old, traditional , complete , effective style , until recently kept in secret , now can be practiced , besides Hong Kong in Singapore as well, thanks to John's efforts to bring this rare and beautiful art in his home city. Any Wing Chun enthusiast interested to learn something new, different yet effective and simple should visit John.