недеља, 15. март 2015.

My thoughts on martial arts

There are two very important things in wing chun training , probably the most important. First , goals of training must be clear . practitioner must be completely clear what he wants from training whether he seeks martial skills , perfection in performance or something else . Second thing is , wing chun must be personalized , must be adjusted to person's needs and abilities . Being a copy of the teacher never led to high level of skill of any kind , only practitioner who can completely express him self through the art can reach true mastery of the art .

Do not allow knowledge to become a dogma , do not let believe to replace experience 

In kung fu , internal comes only after you mastered external , if you are soft form the very beginning , if you never experienced real hardness , you will never be able to fight 

We are not defined by what we do, we define what we do, which in return defines us in the eyes of others ,

It almost a rule in martial arts that people start their explanations with following phrase :"Some people are doing this in a certain way and I am doing it like this and mine is correct". I wonder ,why not explain things from biomechanical point of view , or from the point of efficiency and effectiveness ? That is what I do . Why people have the urge to put down others ,like if they discredit others ,somehow that will make them better? This phrase is a clear sign that I should avoid thous who use it

My dear friends , before you get mad at me when I say something you should check what am I talking about , there is a high possibility that I am telling the truth

In real fight 20 % is technique , 80 % in intent . If you are not properly trained , no matter how good your technique is you will never be able to fight .

If you practice any martial art more than 6 months and you are not able to fight, if you are not physically and mentally prepared for fighting you are wasting your time.If you practice any martial art more than 5 years and haven't completed the system you are cheated for money .

Kung fu is not about hurting someone, it is about stop someone to hurt you

A lot of people will say their kung fu is better , more original , more efficient ...it doesn't matter even if they are right , if you love what you are doing, if you found yourself in it, if you enjoy doing it , you have the best thing for yourself .

Kung fu is a personal thing , your expression of it must be unique , if you copy others you will never achieve anything

Friendly practice should be just that ,friendly practice , comparison of skills should be nothing more than that ,drills should help both practitioners to develop their skills . Too often ego takes over and people turn friendly practice into something else .It up to more mature person to deescalate that kind of bullshit . That is why I let people win , even if I am way better then them , there is no point to make infantile person feel bad , they can only envy me , which leads to hatred .If someone cannot realize how stupid his behavior is  it is not my job to make him realize that , I just leave that kind of people behind

There are no 'secret , pressure point"techniques ,I practice in that manner ,where ever I hit , that spot is a pain point

Two most essential things in any martial art are punching and footwork . If you know how hit and how to move you can win any fight.

There is a belief that kung fu is somehow a way of  enlightenment . I do not agree , there is no way to be enlightened trough learning and practice to inflict pain and injuries , let's be honest , martial arts are made for self defense or warfare , in their essence is fighting and there is no fighting without hurting someone . Hurting others or yourself is not a way of enlightenment

It is not about what style you practice , it is about how you practice it . 

When people are leaving some school, teacher often talk about betrayal and  loyalty . Remember people do not leave without the reason and those who talk about betrayal and  loyalty the most are most often people who betray others and have no sense of loyalty .

Simplicity is the key to effectiveness and efficiency

Today , I see many people who never went to war teach other people how to go to war . I have been in war , fought in the first line of fire and do not have courage nor the face to teach other people how to go to war because I have not enough experience . 

At the end it is all about honor , you have it or you don't 

I can learn from everyone , from some what to do , from others what not to do .

There are two things which are true for kung fu and for people . Without good foundation and good structure there is no good kung fu or a good man  

Kung fu is a catalyst , it makes good person better and bad person worse , at the end it can make a good and bad person perfectly good or perfectly bad  

There is no greater thing than happy laughter of children, that is why I practice martial arts, to protect that thing greatest of all 

If you don’t practice every day , you don’t practice at all

You cannot measure things by \ standards of your own intelligence , there are people way smarter than you

Knife/gun defense , yeah ..right …
You love kung fu or you don’t know anything about it 

Today , kung fu is a way of life , in the past , kung fu was life its self

 People who don't fight with their kung fu tend to over theorize and make their systems too complicated . Kung fu supposed to be simple 

Often , people say "My kung fu is so deadly but cannot be expressed if I wear protective gear , that is why I don't participate in competitions " My question is , if you cannot fight in controlled conditions how can you fight in real life threatening situation?

Kung fu is not for stupid people

I often hear "you don't have to strong if you want to use your kung fu , you don't need strength ..." What a load of crap , the truth is , you don't have to be big , but strong ,yes , strong and fast

Kung fu is a personal journey , as long as you don't walk your own path you don't do real kung fu

When someone is under 70 and has a title of "granmaster" , only grand thing about him is his ego

 Practicing kung fu without sparring is like learning how to swim without ever going into the water

Arts that do not change over time are arts in the hands of people who do not understand them and they are afraid to change anything .True kung fu changes, grows , evolve , adapts ...and true teacher will teach his students to take the most form his art and , if there is a possibility to even surpass his art and him self .

There is a big difference between performing master and real kung fu master ,

Ego is the only thing that can truly kill kung fu

If there is no power , if it doesn't hurt while practicing ,if it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable , if it doesn;t challenge your ego , it is not martial art , just a fitness program.

There is no "internal" without external , "internal" to be useful in fight must be practiced under pressure until it becomes fighter second nature , until it becomes the only way fighter's body respond to a fighting situation , otherwise , it is a waste of time 

Sometimes people have religious affection to their kung fu. It cannot be more wrong than this . Kung fu is a science , measurable , provable , experiment based scince . Kung th is ,,knowing" not ,,believing"

The only truth you can believe is the one have proved by your self , all other "truths'" are not to be trusted 

Forgiveness is the hardest part...

The more you understand , the less you judge

Long time ago I've met man who practice magic, and believe in it . I asked him can I become a magician , can I learn magic . He said something interesting. Magic is not what people usually thin it is , magic is freedom , to be brave enough to think independently , to be different , to change the world for better one step at the time , to stand when everyone else are on their knees , to live here and now ,to open your mind and your heart together. That is a true magic , a path of personal growth in all aspects of life , not some funny rituals and search for supernatural powers

There is a simple way to determine whether some kung fu is good or not . If what you see looks attractive it is a worthless bullshit ,on the other hand if what you see is simple ,direct and totally unattractive you are on the right place .

I am reading lately a lot of "wise" quotations about being a warrior. Two things caught my attention.First , all that bullshit was written by people who never experienced war, second , level of immaturity of people who wrote and sharing this "wisdom" is incredible. What warriors do ? They kill other people . How glorious is that , to be a murderer ? Sometimes violence is justified , when you defending your country , your family , your self .Still , no matter how just violence it may be , that doesn't change its nature.
It is easy to be a "warrior" on FB , in real life things are somewhat different , think about it before you share some of thous "warrior wisdom" again

The biggest problem in wing chun today (besides ego) is the fact that people do not progress in fighting abilities but in number and complexity of drills ,, applications" and ,,techniques" . The whole art ,with rare exceptions , seems to be directed toward pleasing visual perception instead to combat effectiveness

When people say something like ,,I practice martial arts for several decades" to prove their competence I always laugh. So what if you practice something for 20 or 30 years? If you do not practice properly or you practice some bullshit what is that experience worth? It is like someone lifts 5 kilos weight for two decades and that makes him an expert in weight lifting .

Opinion is like an ass, everybody has one