петак, 23. јануар 2015.

Snake Crane Wing Chun , a window in that past

Recently , a friend of mine introduced me with Wayne Yung , Hong Kong based Wing Chun teacher. Teacher Yung is representative of “Snake Crane” Wing Chun style . I have spent numerous hours in conversation with teacher Yung and learned a lot about him and his style . He is very polite and open person , willing to share his vast knowledge in area of Wing Chun and if I may say he is a perfect example of traditional kung fu teacher who possess all the qualities of the legendary sifus of the past .

                                       Teacher Yung with his student
                                 Teacher Yung with his students from Singapore

 Teacher Yung with famous Hong Kong kung fu msters and movie stars 

On the other hand , he do not live in the past and his efforts are concentrated on the future of his style . Style its self is very interesting , at last it is for people who seriously research wing chun history and development . First , it is not only a separate Wing Chun style , actually it is completely independent lineage . Snake  Crane Wing Chun traces its origin to the Red Boat Opera Company . According to the creation story, like in so many other cases of southern martial arts, founder of the style is South Shaolin abbot Chi Sim. Historically , founder of the style is very well known member of the Red Boat Opera troupe and one of the first known Wing Chun masters whose existence can be verified , Sun Kam who is in wing chun circles better known under the name “Dai Fa Min Kam” . Sun Kam passed the his complete style to the Law family who kept style secret until recently . The reason why Law family kept style secret is due to their involvement in anti Qing activities and association with rebel organizations . Style was kept in secrecy for about 150 years when Master Law Chiu Wing a decade ago decided to teach his family art openly in order to save it from disappearance .
Picture in a background - Law Tiu Wen , third generation Snake Crane Law family master
                                        Law Chiu Wing , Wayne Yung's teacher

Technically , Snake Crane Wing Chun style is very interesting , for all wing chun researchers it is like a window in the past . Due to 150 years secret existence style remained the same , without changes . We can see first hand how original Wing Chun looked like in the time of its creation . Style utilizes snake movements which are soft and are used to trap the opponents attacks or defensive action , while crane aspect is used for structure in order to withstand any incoming force of any kind of attack .

Significance of the style is clearly shown by the fact that Snake  Crane Wing Chun style is included in cultural heritage of Hong Kong Teacher Yung told me that some students from Tainan came to learn his art .I think it is a great thing that people from Taiwan show interest in this old and interesting Wing Chun style. Hopefully , one day Snake  Carne wing chun will open  a branch school in Taiwan and enrich Taiwanese martial tradition and heritage.