среда, 29. октобар 2014.

Bobby Gabershek - everthing is Wing Chun

Everything is Wing Chun , even tactical military training including shooting , special forces training ,antiterrorist tactics ect. These words came from one of the most skilled and most knowledgeable martial artist and military instructors of modern times – Bobby Gabersek. Bobby came to Taipei last week to conduct a CQB seminar . We’ve met after he finished teaching for the day and stayed talking and me learning till late night. He brought his vast knowledge and excellent martial /military/combat approach to the group of very good, young Taiwanese combat enthusiasts .

Let’s say couple of words about Bobby’s experience .   

Božidar Bobby Gabershek started his martial career in early 70's with Karate and Jujutsu in which he has black belt and he won several competitions .After completion of University studies he had started his military career where he served in Special Operations Unit, Counter Terrorist Unit, and as Intelligence officer .He achieved military rank - lieutenant . After military service her served in Special Police Unit and Dignitary Protection Unit . Parallel with his military and police career Gabershek constantly improving his martial ,weapon and tactical skills in a large range of  different areas . In 1978 He was one of the first Europeans who studied Chinese martial arts , several years later he became first European who achieved Master level in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu style . In 1997 Gabershek moved to Australia .In Australia he started his work on development of new approach to close quarter combat . His work along with work of several other experienced martial artists and military veterans become foundation of modern close quarter combat .
                                       Bobby Gabershek

Today Božidar Bobby Gabershek is Director and Head Instructor of CQB group international . Organization have training centers in Australia , U.S.A. and Thailand . CQB group international offers different kinds of training courses and security
services .


As a practitioner of traditional Chinese martial arts I have no interest in modern military training , I have experienced war in its worst and I had enough of that for  life. On the other hand I was really surprised when Bobby said modern military approach is no different from Wing Chun, a traditional Chinese martial style. At the time when Wing Chun was invented by the members of Cantonese opera trope , it has same purpose as modern CQB approach . Wing Chun can be considered as CQB of it’s time. Same basic principles of efficiency and effectivity applies now as they applied 150 ago. Weapons changed but people , their physical and mental abilities stayed the same . Same rules and same approach to close quarter combat can be applied in any given time with any given weapon.
I have never thought about this subject but it is so obvious that Bobby is right. It is interesting how one traditional martial style started his journey in Foshan 150 years ago , went to Hong Kong where it fell  into a hands of young Serbian military officer who modernized it , made an excellent tool for modern day military and police needs and then returned it to the people who actually invented the art .
Bobby significantly changed my martial arts perspective and the most praised moment was when he called me his student , it is a great honor to be called that from one of the best martial artist of today
                                              Bobby and me